Zara girls


For some years now, I visit quite often ZARA. The moment I step foot in the store, I get an overwhelming feeling and I go over the entire store. And when I hit the fitting room, with a handful of clothes (as usual!), it takes me at least a quarter of an hour to get out.. I get really indecisive about what fits me best, with all these amazing clothes! And of course, I’m not the only one..

Thousands of women all around the world feel exactly like me inside a dressing room at ZARA. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this store is always full of customers, no matter the time or date, and how could this not be, with all these amazing value for money clothes and accessories.


The one thing that kind of strikes me all these years I visit ZARA, is the girls that work there. I haven’t met a single one with a sulky face or reluctant to serve a customer. They are willing, kind and always with a smile on their faces. But if we think it through, these girls can be considered as real ‘’heroines’’, having to arrange piles of clothes every day or look in the warehouse for a certain customer’s desired size and they never get off work based on their working hours.. and what’s more, remain primed and elegant at all times.

So I’ve decided to dedicate them this article simply because they’re worth it, but what’s more -as far as I’m concerned -they’ve helped me also develop my style!!

These girls are living proof that a company should rely on its employees, in order to be successful. And I am not aware if their employers acknowledge their staff’s willingness to work, but I appreciate their patience and I am really glad I have the chance to express it online. It’s very important to provide services at a high level and these girls certainly deserve our respect!